Marta Elena Alvarez Azurdia, Director and Founder

Marta has worked as an accountant, a fireman and has participated in the American project Camino Seguro before founding in 2005 the Semillero Mi Ángel Guardián.

Realizing that the humanitarian and social help in Guatemala was mainly foreign and that the initiatives were seldom local, Marta, with the help of God, dared to found an entirely Guatemalan project to help her country and more specifically the children of her community and their mothers, so that they could receive the love and happiness they deserve.

Each day, the children fill her heart with joy.


International volunteers

In six years, more than 300 international volunteers have collaborated with the Semillero.

We received volunteers from all over the world:
Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United States and Uzbekistan.

In addition to helping the children with homework and organizing workshops and activities, volunteers help improve the projectís facilities by painting, constructing new bathrooms and classrooms, adding cement floors, etc.

International volunteers teach us almost everything we know about agriculture and crafts. We consider our international volunteers the Project's Angels. We give thanks to the financial generosity of our "Angels" from around the world -- it is through their donations this program continues to thrive.

If you are interested to live a volunteering experience with us, contact us via email. We have contacts with Spanish schools and can provide assistance with housing options.