If you want to volunteer in our project, please contact us.

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Semillero Mi Ángel Guardián is always looking for dynamic volunteers that are motivated and dedicated to help others.

Take a week (or more) and volunteer in Guatemala:

 - Help the children with homework

 - Plan an activity for them (crafts, games, etc.)

 - Help with a project to improve the facility (paint, clean, etc.)

 - Help with the agriculture project (weed, plant, clean up a new area

   of land ready for planting, etc.)

From your home you can:

 - Ask your friends, co-workers, family to gather needed items

   (school supplies, children's shoes, gently used children's clothes,

   vitamins, motrin, first aid supplies, etc.)

 - Ask for your birthday (or holiday) gifts be given as a donation to

   the program

 - Raise money to support the program (have a bake sale,

   throw a party, etc.)