In a small room at the Semillero, the kids have learned how to grow mushrooms. The first crop of 36 bags of seed was a success. The mushrooms grew well and were sold in the market. The proceeds were used to buy vitamins and food for the children.

Now, they wish to grow a new crop. The room will hold up to 120 bags of mushroom seed. To begin, they need funds to buy seeds and materials. One pound of seeds costs 40.00 Quetzales (~ $5US). In total (for the seeds and materials) they need 1,600 Quetzales (~$200 US).

Donations will help finance this project.

This project is also supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of Antigua Guatemala.



In July 2010 the Semillero was able buy 303 laying hens thanks to a microcredit of the foundation Famecon1. The eggs provide needed nutrition for the children and are sold in the market.


An interesting project to raise Tilapia fish has begun in Florencia, an ecological park of sorts near Santa Ana/Antigua. This project will serve as a project for the children as well as provide work for the single mothers of the Semillero children. Already there is interest to buy the fish when they are grown.

Donations are needed to buy the special fish food.

In this same location, there is space for a garden of plants used for medicinal purposes, such as mint, oregano, basil, chilies and other plants. This project has begun through the efforts of volunteers who donated time and plants.

Donations will also help finance this project.

Many thanks to the mayor of Antigua, Dr. Adolfo Vivar, who has provided support for the Semillero and for donating this location.

We also thank Mrs. Sandra Amado de Vivar of the Oficina Municipal de la Mujer for all her help to this project.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of Antigua Guatemala.