You can make a donation as follows:

By bank transfer from your financial institution to the project:

Bank: Bank of America Miami Fla. U.S.A.
Address: FL7-950-13-02 100 SE 2nd street, 13th floor Miami, FL 33131
Fedwire (ABA): 026009593
Account number: 1901466872
Account name: Banco Industrial, S.A. Guatemala, C.A.
Name: Asociación Comunidades e Indigentes Unidos y/o Asociación
Semillero Mi Ángel Guardián
Account number at Banco Industrial: 016-035940-6


Please consider a financial donation.

100% of your donation supports the kids of Semillero Mi Ángel Guardián.
Those who have volunteered in Guatemala, know a little goes a long way.

For example:

- $5 buys a pound of mushroom seeds which are grown to sell in the
  farmer market, creating a source of income

- $10 buys 2 chickens to lay eggs providing nutrition for the children

- $15 buys needed medicines for common health issues such as
  anemia, scabies, bronchitis

- $25 buys 2-3 books for the ìlibraryî

- $35 provides pure water for a month

- $60 provides afternoon snacks for a week

If you have any questions about donating or if you encounter any problems while doing so, please contact us.