To accomplish the mission, we focus on the following activities for the children:

Help with homework: 2 hours are set aside each day exclusively for school subjects; volunteers help the children do their homework and understand tricky subjects.

Initiation to reading: thanks to the generosity of international volunteers, we created a small library that gives the children access to a selection of books and novels.

Workshops: with the help of volunteers, the children realize crafts (aromatic candles, mosaics, bracelets, etc.). These works of art are available for sale and the money earned is used to buy basic necessities such as drinking water and toilet paper.

Agriculture: the garden allows the children to initiate themselves to agricultural work. The harvests are used for cooking in the projectís kitchen and for food support for the families that need it.

Sport activities: Each Wednesday, volunteers organize sport activities such as soccer, swimming, races and a variety of games to entertain the children.

Cultural activities: Our first two theater plays have already been presented a few times in the community and they allow the children to express themselves and develop their artistic abilities.

Social activities: The children often visit the senior home called Cabecitas de Algodón and give happiness to those who are abandoned by their families.

Various services : Finally, the Semillero offers the children and their family various services such as first aid, vegetables, fruits and clothes distribution.