Buying a new house for the Semillero

Today, the Semillero is at a critical transition point, as it must vacate its location and buy another building nearby of adequate size.

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Please watch this video about the project, made by volunteer Maia Chao, a student from the US.

Semillero Mi Ángel Guardián thanks Maia for making it!

Semillero Mi Ángel Guardián

The Semillero Mi Ángel Guardián is a nonprofit project that provides after-school care to approximately 50 children of single parents in Santa Ana, a neighborhood in Antigua, Guatemala.

The project was conceived in 2005 and is run by a local resident, Marta Elena Alvarez Azurdia. Her vision is to provide a safe, loving and structured environment to children of school age in their neighborhood during the hours of 2:00 and 6:00 pm to enable single parents to work.

During these hours the project helps the children with their homework so they can later engage into all kind of activities such as sports, cooking, crafts, agricultural work and other social and cultural activities.

New project: Mi Ángel del Paraíso

Marta recently expanded the scope of her project by developing a parcel of land called Florencia that was originally a municipal garbage dump.
Marta converted the site into productive agricultural land, where the children and their mothers raise crops such as eggs, tilapia fish, and many fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The name of this new project is 'Mi Ángel del Paraíso'. To read more about this new project click here.